Farms For Africa Cooperative Society is a Green Revolution Agric Organization For Farmers and Intending Farmers across Africa engaging people in innovative integrated agriculture & linking people to agricultural Development programs across Africa. We are also Agricultual inputs and products manufacturing and distribution Company across Africa.

Our Objectives

  1. To source and provide funds from available sources for the promotion of agricultural activities of Africans.
  2. To engage in the business of crop processing, including the marketing of agricultural products.
  3. To carry on the business of purchasing, selling and distribution of farm inputs as well as farm machinery supply services.
  4. To assist smallholder farmers and farmer in finding markets for their farm products by mopping up their products at reasonable prices in the harvesting period; thereby saving them from activities of middlemen.
  5. To harness all available resources as its disposal for the overall benefit of farmers and to undertake such other activities that will promote the course of Green Revolution movement in Africa.
  6. To promote commercial and agricultural activities among farmers by exposing them to modern agricultural technology and linking them to sources of funds for their activities and exposing them to avenues for selling their products.


To be Africa foremost promoter of Agricultural Organization best practices while serving as a resource and financial service provider for farmers and Agricultural initiatives in Africa.


To provide world class Agricultural mentorship, linkage, greater access to finance and farmers Support that will lead to sustainable growth and development of the Agric sector in Africa.


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